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Mums and Dads Support Activities

‘What do they teach them at school?’


Ever wondered:

  • What your child is taught at school?
  • How your child is taught?
  • If a chat with as teacher to explain how things work will help you support your child?


Well, here is your chance to have all of these answered.   Ashgate Primary School  offers a ‘Mums’ and Dads’ Learning Support’ programme.


The purpose of this is to provide parents / carers with the knowledge and skills needed to help children learn, in a friendly, unthreatening and a needs based weekly session. 


Topics covered are on what you want covered and pitched at a level so that parents can see the progression through Early Years to End of Key Stage 2.


Topics covered can include:


  • Just what do they get taught and why?
  • Top 10 things your child needs to practice to make good progress
  • Supporting reading; it’s not all about fluency
  • Grammar!  Musts, shoulds and coulds – ‘well, I didn’t know that’
  • Why commas aren’t ‘times to take a breath’ and ‘why we don’t ‘add a zero’ when multiplying by 10
  • Understanding how basic mathematics is delivered – it’s all changed…or has it?
  • The teaching of phonics – 10 simple things you can do
  • Apostrophe after the ‘s’;  What is all that about?
  • Science – what is ‘fair testing?’
  • Assessment? ‘What are the reports really telling me?


The sessions run over a term and there is no need to book in to join us.   To view when the next sessions are, take a look at the dates for diary/calendar dates or contact the school office.