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Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND)

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Ashgate Primary School is a mainstream, fully inclusive school, where all classes are of mixed ability and teachers provide work that is suitably differentiated to match the ability of each group.  This is achieved though the effective deployment of a wide range of staff, resources and materials.
If your child has Special Educational Needs or Disabilities (SEND) the school follows the Code of Practice to ensure that inclusion is achieved and progress is made.  Parents will be made aware if their child is placed on the ‘Special Educational Needs Provision Map’ and will have the opportunity for an informal meeting with the class teacher and/or the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO), to discuss the type of provision that can be put in place.
Please read our Parents Guide to SEND and our SEND Provision Report for more information, or call in to speak to a member of staff.
The member of staff responsible for Special Educational Needs provision in school is:

Mrs W Forte 
Contact: 01332 343928 or
The member of staff with overall responsibility for Safeguarding is:

Mr Seargent
Contact: 01332 343928 or

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Feeling worried?...Come and Talk :o) 1

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