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Be Proud to Be You!

Be Proud to Be You


You are unique. You are special. You are wonderful. So be proud of who you are!

Be kind to yourself because there's only one of you!


Write a list of all the things you are good at. They could be big or small. For example, you might be good at spelling or your 4x table or walking your dog or getting the plates really shiny when you wash up or cheering up your dad when he gets grumpy. 


Give yourself a compliment! Look in the mirror and tell yourself something great about you! For example, 'your hair is looking great today' or 'you tried really hard with your maths work this morning' or 'you did a really great job of tidying up' or 'you're a really great friend'. 


Be kind to yourself. This means doing a small thing that makes you happier or healthier. It is different for everyone. Some people may like a long bubbly bath, some people may like to do some keepy-uppies in the garden, some may like a bit of alone time to read a book or draw, some may like a good chat or a giggle at a favourite TV programme. 


Below is a selection of activities about having confidence in yourself, finding things to like about yourself and looking after yourself.