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Sports Competitions and Festivals

Tag Rugby Tournament - 13th March 2023

KS2 Wimbledon Mini Tennis Festival - 29th June 2022

Y5/6 Grass Track Cycling - 21st June 2022

Y5/6 Kwik Cricket Tournament - 26th May 2022

Y1/2 Active Play through Story Telling - 10th May 2022

Y3/4 Fitness is Fun - 4th May 2022

Grass Track Cycling - 5th April 2022

This Girl Can Megafest - 23rd March 2022

Children in Year 6 visit the Derby Velodrome as part of the Ashgate Every Child A Rider Programme. Some children were later selected for further training with Cycle Derby!

Y5/6 Tag Rugby Tournament - 16th March 2022

EYFS/Y1 Fundamental Skills - 2nd March 2022

Y5/6 Alternative Sports Megafest - 2nd February 2022

Boys Football Team - EFL Kids Cup - 12th January 2022

Y1/2 Christmas Megafest

Year 3/4 Invasion Games Megafest

Year 5/6 Army Team Building Festival - 20th October 2021