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Inclusion - Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND)

'The school have always been very helpful and positive when it comes to the special requirements my son needs, he has come on so much because of their amazing help and support" 

Y5 Parent QA Feedback

March 2023

Ashgate Primary School is a mainstream, fully inclusive school, where all classes are of mixed ability and teachers provide work that is suitably adapted to match the ability of each child. This is achieved though the effective deployment of a wide range of staff, resources and materials.
If your child has Special Educational Needs or Disabilities (SEND) the school follows the Code of Practice to ensure that inclusion is achieved and progress is made.  Parents will be made aware if their child is placed on the ‘Special Educational Needs Provision Map’ and will have the opportunity for an informal meeting with the class teacher and/or the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO), to discuss the type of provision that can be put in place.
Please read our Parents Guide to SEND and our SEND Provision Report for more information, or call in to speak to a member of staff.
The member of staff responsible for Special Educational Needs

provision in school is: Mrs W Forte 
Contact: 01332 343928 or
The member of staff with overall responsibility for Safeguarding is:

Mr Seargent
Contact: 01332 343928 or

'The staff are amazing.  My child has only attended this school for short time and the progress she has made is amazing.  So happy!'

Y3 Parent QA Feedback

March 2023

"I am happy that my son is in this school.  I know that my son will develop from this school." 

Y2 Parent QA Feedback

March 2023

'I could not thank you enough for all the help and support you have given my family over the years." 

Y5 Parent QA Feedback

March 2023

To contact the SENCo at Ashgate Primary School

Please call in to the school office to arrange to speak to Mrs Forte, alterantively you can send an email below.

SEND Support during School Closure


We recognise that some pupils, for example some pupils with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), may not be able to access remote education without support from adults at home. We acknowledge the difficulties this may place on families, and we will work with parents and carers to support those pupils in the following ways: 


  • Class Teachers and the SENDCO will work with families to deliver remote education for pupils with SEND and appropriate work set.
  • The Learning Mentor will offer support and guidance to any parent requiring this during an isolation period. 
  • In some circumstances, children will be individually supported remotely by their class teacher, key worker or learning support assistant.
  • All pupils with an EHCP have been offered a fulltime place at school.
  • Additional learning packs with individualised resources and activities will be provided where deemed necessary by the class teacher/SENDCO.
  • Additional support and advice can be found below and also by clicking on the 'Information & Support for Parents', ' Emotional Wellbeing' and 'Pupils Page' icons above.  These include videos, advice sheets, contact details and wellbeing activities.




Here are some strategies that you can use at home to support you child if they feel stressed or anxious or are just not coping at any point during lockdown, some of these may not work and that is okay. 


  1. Keep your child in a routine, it is really important to get them up and get them ready each morning as they would for school. Structure and routine are good and mentally it gets us ready for the day ahead. 
  2. If your child is feeling stressed with schoolwork online then you can give them a break, it is okay to take a break from learning and it is okay to not complete the work all in one go. 
  3. Break up the work into smaller chunks and if you can use a visual cue or now and next board to show them what they have to do. 
  4. If they need it, use a timer to give them a clear start and finish time for each activity or lesson. You can use online timers, such as the one here -  
  5. Make sure that they get some downtime and they get some time to relax. 
  6. If your child gets angry, then give them some space and allow them to go somewhere that they feel safe, possibly their bedroom and let them do something that they like, something that will calm them down. 
  7. Do not push them to talk about why they are angry or upset until they are ready to talk. If you push it too quickly then they may have to start the process of self-regulation again. 
  8. Provide them with calming/sensory equipment. It can be a simple as a ball of blue-tack or can be more expensive, such as a sensory cube or tangle toy. 
  9. If your child needs an overlay in school then they can download the Colorveil programme to support them whilst they are doing their online learning and it is free -


Do not struggle alone, we are here to help. 


Further support and wellbeing information for pupils can be found our Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health & Wellbeing pages following the links below;

Support for Parents

Support during school closure

Feeling worried?...Come and Talk :o)