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Ashgate Primary School Childhood Charter

As well as our commitment to the RESPECT Agenda, we aim to ensure that every child, regardless of any personal, social or academic need, has school experiences that, not only enhance their time at Ashgate, but also act as a foundation for a lifetime of positivity. 


Every child will, at least once in a year:


  1. Be a hero for 60 seconds
  2. Be given a reason to laugh out loud or smile (daily)
  3. Celebrate something about themselves with others that makes them value their individuality or cultural influence
  4. Meet a visitor that informs, educates and inspires
  5. Lead a team or activity and feel valued in that process
  6. Visit somewhere that broadens their understanding of cultures different to their own
  7. Perform to a group or individual and have that performance celebrated
  8. Carry out an act in support of the community, school or locally
  9. Have at least one piece of work displayed for public celebration
  10. Have a positive experience that is beyond the requirements of the curriculum or what they would be expected to have been provided