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Collective Worship

Each week, our collective worship times follow a theme throughout the school. They are of a broadly Christian nature. We also include issues relating to our school DNA, as well as learning about seasonal events and celebrations from a range of other religions. As well as learning through stories, videos and websites, we incorporate times for class discussion and personal reflection.


Autumn 1

Your self: New Beginnings (including Rosh Hashanah)

Your community: Forgiveness (including Yom Kippur)

Your self: Peace and Mindfulness (including the International Day of Peace)

Your self: Physical Self-care (including World Heart Day)

Your community: Celebrating Diversity (including Black History Month)

Your self/community: Identity and Values  (including Black History Month)

Your world: Global Hunger (including Harvest and World Food Day)


Autumn 2

Your self/world: Light to Meditate and Celebrate (including Diwali and Bonfire Night)

Your self/community/world: Remembering (including Remembrance Day)

Your community: Kindness (including anti-bullying)

Your self/community: Being Thankful (including Thanksgiving)

Your self/world: Religious Freedom (including Hannukah)

Your self/community: Family (including our school family)

Your self: Being Joyful (including Christmas)


Spring 1

Your future: Looking Forward (including Make Your Dreams Come True Day)

Your self/world: Challenging Injustice (including Martin Luther King Day)

Your community/world: Back to Nature (including the Big Garden Bird Watch)

Your world: Festivals (including Chinese New Year)

Your self/community: Respect and Relationships (including Safer Internet Day)

Your self/community: Love and Compassion (including Valentine's Day)


Spring 2

Your world: Choose the World You Want (including Fair Trade Fortnight)

Your community/world: Inspirational Women (including International Women's Day)

Your self/future: What Kind of Person Do You Want to Be?

Your world: Water (including World Water Day)

Your self/community: Keeping Each Other Safe

Your self/world: Easter


Summer 1

Your world: Earth Day

Your world: Ramadan

Your self/learning: Resilience

Your self: Regulation

Your self/learning/community: Teamwork


Summer 2

Your learning: The Queen

Your self: Eating Healthily (including Healthy Eating Week)

Your community/world: What is a refugee? (including World Refugee Day)

Your self: Changing your Mindset

Your community: Helping Others (including the anniversary of the NHS)

Your self: Changes