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Many children are keen to extend the work undertaken at school and parents often feel that additional support is needed to develop and extend basic skills.  With this in mind, Ashgate Primary School includes additional materials, designed to supplement school work and the given as homework.


Unlike set tasks, such as homework,  these materials are not compulsory, but supplementary and can be used by parents and children alike in an independent capacity.  Many materials can be printed at home and require little guidance or support.  Most are not 'age specific', therefore parents and children can set the challenge level.


Provision of set homework is only one part of the jigsaw.  There are many other ways you can help and support your child and the materials provided here will be useful to all those parents and carers wanting to do all they can for their child.


Please feel free to use these resources to support your child's knowledge and skills.  If you are unsure if a specific task is appropriate to your child, you can seek advice from their class teacher.



Developing cursive handwriting

High frequency words - Can your child read and spell the top 100 frequently used words?

Can your child read and spell the next 200 high frequency words?

Everyday maths activities - ages 4-8

Advice Guidance and Support with Mathematics