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Family Fun

Family Fun


We love our families but in lockdown we have to spend a very large amount of time with them! This can be a challenge for everyone but sometimes doing a fun activity together can help you remember just why you love them. Time alone can help us recharge but connecting with others in a positive way is just as important. Being kind and loving to others can make you feel good about yourself too!


Bake or cook together.


Have a games night. Take it in turns to choose the game and make sure you win or lose without falling out!


Ask a family member to teach you about something you don't know like how to change a tyre, how to look after the garden, how to play basketball or how to make curry! 


Make a treasure hunt for your brothers or sisters with clues around the house.


Have a movie night. Maybe you could treat everyone to popcorn and hot chocolate with your pocket money.


Phone up a relative you haven't spoken to in a while they're probably missing you. If you find it hard to think of what to say, maybe write a list of things you could talk about before you call.


Dress up in fancy dress and do a fashion show or have dinner together.


Do something creative, active, mindfulmusical or out in nature together.