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The Ashgate Curriculum

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At Ashgate Primary School, our aim is for the children to know more, remember more and apply more.


Our curriculum has the following aims, which we believe to be integral to a good quality education:

  • To be inclusive, building on the knowledge, understanding and skills of all children, regardless of their starting point
  • To be broad and balanced, giving the children chance to experience a wide range of topics which are relevant to them, including and beyond those set out in the National Curriculum
  • To develop high levels of fluency in core subjects so that the children have the necessary skills underpinning their learning to allow them to progress
  • To foster independence so that the children can take ownership of their learning journeys, being aware of how they can develop further
  • To ensure that all children see themselves represented in topics and resources, reflecting the multicultural nature of our school and city (see our Diversity links in bold throughout the curriculum, noting people from different cultures, ethnicities, religions and genders and differently-abled people)
  • To enhance the children’s cultural capital through enriching experiences which prepare them for the next stages of their education and for life in modern day Britain


Pupils are currently taught in mixed age group classes and consequently follow a two-year cycle in years 1-6. To ensure that skills and knowledge are built on year by year and are sequenced appropriately, we use clear progressions for each subject and each topic is supplemented by related vocabulary lists. Vocabulary is a key driver for our curriculum since a high proportion of children start school with language levels that are lower than is typical for their age.


We want our children to be respectful, responsible, empowered, independent, cooperative, motivated, considerate and empathetic. We want them to have good mental and physical health. We want them to love learning and to feel that Ashgate Primary School is a place they can thrive and feel safe.

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