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Use Your Senses

Use Your Senses


Get up and watch the sunrise.


Watch the clouds from your window or garden. What shapes can you see? Can you see the clouds moving?


Hug a tree! Wrap your arms around and lean your head against it then relax. Is it moving with the wind? Is it making any sounds? What does it smell like? What can your fingers feel?


Go for a listening walk around your garden or nearby park. Try to be very quiet and listen carefully. You could also do this lying down with your eyes closed.


Take off your shoes and socks and walk on some grass. Enjoy the feeling of the grass between your toes.


Learn some of the star constellations and then do some stargazing.


Settle down and watch a nature programme on television. There are lots on iPlayer and paid-for providers.


Watch live or recorded webcam footage of animals HERE.

Become a nature detective using these handy spotter sheets. To have the best chance of spotting birds and animals you need to be very quiet and look and listen carefully!