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A clear message to children: 'Playfighting'.

Today the children received a clear message about the dangers of 'play fighting'. The school has a clear zero tolerance attitude towards aggression, a message that a small minority of children attempt to side step by claiming that the aggression is 'just a game'.


The most common activities are 'WWF Wrestling', 'super hero games' or 'zombie hunting'.  Whilst these games may appear to them innocent and fun to the children, they are neither innocent or fun in anyones eyes once someone gets hurt.


We provide a wide area of play and activities to take part in, particularly at lunch breaks.  There is no necessity to play such games and I have enforced the message that this will not be tolerated.


It is very important to express that this is a small minority of children and that their intent is not malicious, however, discipline in our school is maintained by addressing issues quickly and effectively.



What can you do?

Please explain to your child that you support the school's stance and that you will not accept them playing aggressive games.  Your condoning this type of play sends the wrong message to the children and undermines discipline.  I ask you to also be mindful that if your child is disciplined for this, they have been warned and the common mantra we have at the school that 'there will always be reasons but never excuses', will be upheld.


Your support, as always, is appreciated.