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Accelerated Reader Summer update

Dear parents,

We have had an amazing year for reading. We reached our target of 60 million words read and quizzed on in Accelerated Reader (Years 3 - 6), with 2 children achieving over 2 million words and 14 children over 1 million words.  

Huge thanks to every parent who has supported their child in getting the reading habit at home. It has definitely had an impact on children's achievement in school.

We are now coming up to the summer holidays... 6 weeks away from school. Please help your child by keeping them reading over the holidays. 

Some of you may be interested in keeping your child motivated to read over the summer by taking part in the county libraries summer Reading Challenge... see details below. The challenge is on at every library across Derby and Derbyshire... pop into your local one to get the children 'signed up'!

Thank you for your support.

Best regards,

Mrs R Whitney


This summer, libraries across Derby and Derbyshire will be promoting the "Mischief Makers" Reading Challenge. 

* The challenge is to read six library books during the summer holidays.

* Everyone who joins receives a die-cut bookmark featuring a character from Mischief Makers.  Once the bookmark is folded and placed inside a book, the character will pop out of the top of the book!

* On their second visit after they have read their first book, children will get a collector poster of Beanotown, which includes a range of fun activities as well as space to keep track of their progress and rate the books they’ve read. The collector poster is easy to fold up and transport to and from the library or it can be left displayed on the wall at home. 

* There are six stickers (some scratch and sniff) to collect – one for every book read - and a certificate for everyone who completes the Challenge.

* There's an extra reward for those who read a further four books – this year's special Summer Reading Challenge wristband is red and black striped (just like Dennis's famous jumper!) with Mischief Makers de-bossed into the surface of the band. 

* Throughout the Challenge library staff and teenage and adult volunteers are on hand to support children, helping them to discover new authors and explore a wide range of different types of books.