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Access to the school office/reception

I want to thank you all for your ongoing support in managing the changes put in 

place owing to Covid 19 changes.  This is genuine and heart felt.


Access to the school office/reception:


I am mindful that many of you are keen to access the school office/reception for a variety of reasons.  These include school uniform purchases, submitting paper work and making cash payments.


At the moment the guidance restricts access to 1 person at a time on a ‘one in – one out basis’.  This is likely to continue for some time.


If you need access to the school office/reception, please do so as follows:


  1. In the first instance, call the office directly.  It may be that there is no need to have direct contact and the matter can be managed over the phone.
  2. If required, a time window can be allocated for you to visit the school office/reception.


Please note that telephone lines may be busy, particularly early in the morning.


  • When you have a time window to visit the office, you must access the reception area via the front door only.  
  • There is a one in one out system and you may be required to wait whilst visitors currently in the school are managed.  Please be patient
  • If you are in a queue to access school, please ensure that you are social distanced.  



As you can imagine, the office staff are very busy at the minute and working within very strict guidance; this may mean that there is a slight delay in us responding to you.  We will see you as soon as we possibly can.


Can I remind you that if you have an urgent message for a teacher, then you should inform the school office.  If you want to speak to a staff member directly (socially distanced of course), then you may do so at the end of the school day when the children are collected.  Please wait for the teacher to dismiss ALL children before approaching them.