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Adult and parent interactions on and off school site.

Dear parents.


Key message:

  • Do not approach other people’s children on the playground in an attempt to resolve friendship issues or express your views
  • Do not seek to contact children directly or indirectly through message systems in an attempt to resolve friendship issues or express your views
  • Parents directly contacting children via messages or face-to-face run the serious risk of allegations linked to child protection


If you are of the view that an issue needs to be addressed and it is a school matter, please speak to a staff member.  The school has clear and effective systems to support pupils and these were heavily praised by Ofsted in our most recent report.  Acting independently and directly with children is at best, ill-advised.


Warning: Contacting or approaching children directly not only creates parental conflict but also places the adult doing so at risk of serious allegations linked to child protection offences.  Unsolicited approaches in any form by adults to children may be dealt with by the authorities and or result in a ban from school grounds.


Children receive effective support in school to assist in the challenges of nurturing positive relationships and learning how to manage friendships.  All matters are addressed.  If an outcome or investigation is not to the liking of an individual parent, this does not mean it has been ignored or il managed.