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Adverse Weather Update

Adverse Weather Forecast:

March 10th 2023


After evaluating the current weather forecast for Friday, I confirm that the school is not planning to close tomorrow.  There may however be some adaptations to the school day if pupil to adult ratios are impacted.


This is subject to change should the forecast or conditions alter significantly.  If there is a change in the plan you will be informed by the school as soon as possible.  Assume that if no contact is made school remains open.


Current situation:  The most recent forecast for Derby city includes a yellow weather warning for snow/sleet and ice for Friday morning, with clear skies and sunshine after approximately 11am.


Parental assessment

It is the responsibility of parents to assess if it is safe to travel to and from school from their local area.  If you feel it is unsafe you should contact the school direct.  It will then be for the headteacher to decide, using all available information, if the absence is reasonable and therefore can be authorised.


Please remember that even an absence that is 'authorised' will impact on their record as the school is open.  Absence, by definition, is non attendance at school when it is open to pupils, regardless of reason or authorisation.  This is a national expectation/regulation and not one set by the school.