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An honest conversation about your child's phone access. Please read

An honest conversation about your child's phone access and your responsibilities.

 Put your child first, not their phone.


Key message:  If your child is reading, writing, or sharing any information on their mobile phones that you would not want them to, you as a parent or carer are allowing this by being complicit in one or more of the following.

  • Allowing your child to access apps/media that are not age-appropriate (against terms and conditions)
  • Not effectively monitoring your child’s access to apps/media that are not age-appropriate (against terms and conditions).
  • Naïve to the fact that children are far better at manipulating and disguising social media/messaging access than you think.
  • Viewing phone access as more important than your child's safety and wellbeing.


It is akin to a road traffic accident occurring as a result of a parent giving the child the car keys and then allowing them to drive the car.  It is not age-appropriate and can be fatal.


With only the very rarest of exceptions, every disciplinary matter managed in this school is started by, fuelled by or made complicated by the use of messaging and access to mobile phones, be that by parents and carers or children.  This is part of the reason they are not permitted for use on the school site.

I am aghast at how many parents and carers continue to tell me about how their child is upset or impacted negatively by what they read or share on mobile phones but remain unwilling or unable to control access to them.

If you are serious about your child’s well-being (mental, social or physical) and you are worried that you are not in control or suspect you cannot manage access safely:

REMOVE THE PHONE.  It really is that simple.

I have recently and will continue to do so where necessary apply the school behaviour policy where a breach of school policy has occurred.  This can, and has, resulted in pupil suspensions historically. But the reality is, it is not happening at school, it occurs in your homes or under your watch.


Apps, including WhatsApp, TikTok, Discord, Facebook and Instagram are not designed for, nor permitted under terms and conditions, for your primary-age children.  Children have been seriously harmed and died as a result of what is shared on them.  If your child is accessing devices you allow them to have, you as the parent or carer are responsible for what they read, write or share.  Do not put your child’s mobile phone/device before their safety.


  • The school will continue to educate and inform children on the correct and safe use of cyberspace, devices and the internet.
  • The school has clear and well-defined policies on access to personal devices, including phones
  • The school has a strong on-site filter system to prevent access unauthorised or unfiltered access to the internet on school devices.
  • The school has published and will continue to publish materials for parents on how to keep their children safe online, including the use of mobile devices.

Please ensure that you are aware of the school policies regarding Mobile Device use and support materials issued.

Mr Seargent