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Arrival and departure to and from school - IMPORTANT NOTICES

Thank you to all the parents and families who have supported what has been a fast paced, but effective start to the academic year.




I have had a large number of parents requesting individual exceptions to the start and end of the school.  “Can I collect earlier each day because…”, “I can’t get to school at the start time so I’ll have to arrive late each day”,and variations of this theme.


Whilst I am empathetic to circumstances, this cannot be agreed, even on an informal basis.  There is no provision for altering the school day start and end times and children must arrive promptly to:


  • Ensure learning is not missed
  • They are settled in class
  • Staff can focus on children who need them and not ferrying children to and from locations


Likewise, children cannot be collected late as staff are on other duties.  We cannot child mind your child.


One parent has asked me why school office phone was not picked up as they wanted to pass on an urgent message; put frankly, my office staff are too often managing children and parents arriving late.  Poor punctuality impacts on not only your child, but the smooth running of the school.


Guidance and support for those regularly arriving late


Public transport / roadworks?: Leave enough time to compensate for travelling in traffic / roadworks and delays.  Avoid buses that arrive at or very close to the time needed to be at school


Rushed at home?:  Set your alarm clock 10 minutes earlier, ease the pressure on yourself to complete tasks in time.


Can’t find parking?:  Leave home earlier, take the opportunity to park further away to walk in and exercise your child before the start of school. Children who walk or exercise on the way to school are evidenced to learn more and retain more!



If someone else is collecting your child and the school office need to know (because this is unexpected or irregular), please let us know as soon as possible.  Calling after 3pm means that messages may not reach the child or class teacher in time.  The earlier the call, the more likely the message will be sent on time.