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Attendance improvements

I am delighted to inform you that the number of pupils who are recorded as absent from school, particularly persistently absent, is on the decline.  This is great news.


Persistent absenteeism has been reduced by over half  (February 2018 21% to January 2020 10%).  This still leaves us over the national average of 8% absentees being persistent, but we are truly making improvements.


I wish to thank all those parents who have made particular efforts to respond to their child's needs and entitlement.





In February 2018, Ofsted identified 'persistent absence' as a key issue in the school and reported: 


‘despite senior leaders’ best efforts, some parents have not engaged and do not understand the importance of regular school attendance’.


Under the Ofsted framework 2018, persistent absenteeism was the sole reason why 'behaviour'  was graded Requires Improvement (all other areas were good) as it is a limiting factor for grades . This was confirmed to both governors and myself during our face-to-face feedback. The school, and by which I mean the pupils and staff, had met all other criteria needed to achieve good. It was the non- commitment of some parents that resulted in that outcome.