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Bravo to the clean team!

A simple, but well-earned thank you.


I am blessed with a dedicated staff and I do all I can to make them know this; but occasionally, it is the simplest of things that can make a difference, but can be missed.


As you are aware, over the winter period, there were many bugs and infections impacting on children around the school and in the wider community. To combat this as best as possible the cleaning team have been going out of their way to carry out additional cleansing tasks to reduce the spread of infection. This has included additional surface wipes including chair handles and backs, pupil individual whiteboards, door handles etc. Whilst these do get cleaned as a part of the rota, it is nice to see that they have voluntarily added to their task lists to help the parents, families and school out. This will have made a difference.


So, bravo to one and all in the clean team. It is the simple things that make Ashgate Primary School a community that cares and a delight to work in.