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Changes to Covid Test and Reporting 2022

Covid changes to testing and isolation for Spring Term.

During the holiday period, guidance related to testing and isolation changed.  Below I highlight how this impacts directly on parents and the school.  The information given is direct from Dr Robyn Dewys, Director of Health Derby.


  1. Children testing positive using a Lateral Flow Test (30-minute home kit) and who are WITHOUT SYMPTOMS should isolate for a minimum of 7 days.  
  • There is no longer the requirement for these children to have a follow up ‘confirmatory PCR’ (Lab) test
  • If a Lateral Flow Test shows negative on day 6 and 7, they can then return to school. 
  • If they continue to test positive on day 6 or 7, they need to continue to isolate for the full 10 day period.
  • You should ensure that the test outcome is recorded with the NHS.  Guidance on how to do this is contained within the testing kits.


  1. Children WITH  SYMPTOMS are still required to have a PCR (Lab) test.  This has not changed since testing was introduced some 20 months ago. 
  • If the test outcome is positive, the child must isolate and you should follow the NHS guidance on isolation.
  • If the test outcomes is negative, your child can return to school.


Common questions:

What happens if symptoms are identified during the school day? – If your child presents symptoms at school they will continue to be sent home for you to book/attend a PCR (Lab) test.  Because they have symptoms, they are required to have a PCR test - we cannot accept the result of a Lateral Flow (30 minute test kit) for children who are showing symptoms.


Do I have to inform the school of test results?

  • You DO NOT need to inform school of negative test outcomes.
  • You MUST inform us of any positive test (PCR or LFT).  By informing us we can authorise the absence and it will not go against their school attendance.


My child tested positive, but they are feeling fine.  Can they come back to school?

Once a positive test outcome has been reported, the school will not be allowed to take your child in until the isolation period has ended.  This is why it is important you let us know immediately of a positive test outcome so that their return can be as prompt as possible.


If someone in my house has Covid, can my child still come to school?

Children CAN COME TO SCHOOL if a household member has tested positive for Covid 19, but it is advised that they take daily LFT tests.  If it is not possible to bring them to school as the only person able to do so safely are themselves in isolation, absence will be authorised.  You MUST inform the school office of this though.  By informing the school office, the absence can be authorised.


I cannot get a PCR test booked as there is no availability / I cannot get hold of LFT home kits, what should I do?

We are aware of the national shortages of both testing kits and appointments for PCR.  Do not worry if you are told to wait.  Absences will be authorised during any period you are delayed waiting for availability.