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Clarification requests for dates of 14 day isolation period EYFS

A request has been made to explain the dates for isolation.  As I have had a single request, I suspect others may have the same question, hence this information share for all.


Why is the return date to school Friday 6th November?

Firstly, I confirm that the dates have been directed according to consolation with Public Health England.  They are set by regulations, not the school.


The last possible point of contact with the individual who has tested positive was Thursday 22nd.  We were informed of a positive test outcome on evening of Friday 23rd and I immediately contacted the Department of Education.  


14 days from the point of possible last contact takes us to Thursday November 5th which would be the last isolation day.  Return to school would therefore be Friday 6th November as per information shared.  This has been confirmed by the Department of Education.  


The dates were updated this morning in line with further consultation and confirmation.


14 days is the isolation period for those identified as ‘possible close proximity contacts’, 10 days for individuals testing positive.  


I appreciate that a recommended isolation notice is challenging for all concerned but we are required to follow said guidance and do so in the interests of the school community.


I hope this clarifies the matter.   If there are further updates I will make parents aware.  


Mr Seargent.