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Collection from school: staff releasing pupils

Collection from school: Staff releasing children.


Thank you to all the parents who collect their children promptly from school.


School finishes at 3:20pm daily.  Staff are directed to ensure that children leave with the designated adult or in accordance with parent wishes.  This is done for safeguarding purposes.


This, combined with the fact that on average around 320 children leave using a small number of exits and using two flights of stairs, can mean that there are a few minutes difference between one class leaving and another.  This is a matter of safety and logistics.


Staff do all they can to ensure that children leave the door as close to 3:20pm as possible and I ask that parents understand that, whilst you may have 1 or a small group of children to collect, each staff member is doing their best to safely release on average 30 children into your care at a time.


I apologise for any potential delays this can cause, but I am unwilling to compromise on the safety of children.  Your support is much appreciated.