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Conduct reminder

REMINDER: Conduct of Parents on the Playground and on School Site

Children follow the model set by their parents and other adults

Parents are reminded that their own conduct towards others is one of the highest impacting influences for their own children when dealing with conflict. 


I therefore respectfully remind all that confrontational, aggressive or abusive conduct by adults, verbal or physical, whilst on school site will not be tolerated.  This includes such behaviour towards members of the school community, parents, pupils and staff.  Parents are expected to demonstrate a respectful and considerate approach towards my staff and any breach of this will not be tolerated.


Acting in such a manner encourages children to deal with conflict in a similar way; the reality is that if you act in an aggressive, angry or abusive manner, your child is likely to replicate this in their own interactions. 


The Law – The right for the Headteacher to ban parents from school site.

Under law (Section 547, Education Act 1996), the Headteacher can withdraw the right of any individual to be on the school premises; this includes parents and carers.


A parent/carer of a child attending a school normally has implied permission, from the Headteacher, to be on school premises at certain times and for certain purposes.  However, if their behaviour is ‘unreasonable’ this permission may be withdrawn, and the individual banned from the school site.  At this point, entry by that person on school site will be deemed ‘trespass’ and prosecutable by law.


As a ‘Safe School’, supported by the Derby City Safe Community initiative and Derbyshire Police, physical or verbal abuse will result in police action and prosecution will be sought.


Parents banned by the Headteacher have the right to appeal to the school Governing Body.


If you are unhappy with another parent/child’s conduct

If parents and carers have concerns about the conduct of another adult or child whilst they are on school premises, it is to be addressed with the school, initially with the class teacher and where the issue is unresolved or where a class teacher is otherwise engaged, the Deputy Headteacher or Headteacher.


We are happy to mediate and support parents (even on matters relating to conflict outside school), but will only do so if they act in a civil manner.


Advice given to children by parents that contravenes good conduct

As with all schools, there are occasions when a minority of children make poor choices, fall out with other pupils or continue disputes and arguments from outside school.  I am delighted to say that these are rare at Ashgate Primary School and that incidents of poor behaviour are not commonplace.  We have a robust behaviour policy which means that expectations are clear and when these are not met, they are dealt with quickly and effectively.


We continually meet with children to offer support and guidance if they fall out with one another and work positively to address problems they have; this has a huge positive impact on the children and the school community as a whole.


Parents advising their child to ‘retaliate’ by hitting another child are acting in a manner that will make problems worse.  They are in fact putting their own child at risk of sanctions, including loss of privileges and or fixed/permanent exclusion. 


I have a zero tolerance towards poor behaviour and although parents may feel that their advice is good, and reasonable, they are not helping their child.  There will often be reasons but never excuses for poor behaviour; it is important that all children are treated equally.  Provocation or parental consent is not an excuse for poor conduct and will not be a consideration when applying the behaviour policy.


Do not put your child at risk of punishment by telling them to act in a way that you would not tolerate if it were done to your child.  You will be at as much fault for your child’s punishment and actions.


Thank you

It is appropriate for me to reiterate that the vast majority of parents conduct on the school site is exemplary, as is that of the children.  This information is shared to ensure that the school community as a whole is supported and that my expectations are made clear.

Ashgate is a very effective school with a supporting community.  I will do all in my power to ensure that this is maintained and where possible improve the experience of children and their families.


Peter Seargent