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Coronavirus - Guidance and advice for parents and school

Information for Parents – Coronavirus and Educational Settings

Dear all


I am sure that we are all acutely aware of the high profile coronavirus cases and the spread of the virus in recent weeks.  In this letter, I wish to outline the position of the school regarding this matter.


The Department for Health guidance is clear and I have attached the information with this letter.  



Parent actions

Other than for normal illness reasons, there is no reason to keep your child from school unless:


  • Advised to do so via a medical practioner, such as your GP or NHS 111.
  • You have returned from one of the areas designated by the NHS* within the last 14 days andare displaying flu like symptoms (at which point you should call NHS 111).
  • If you or your child has returned from Wuhan and Hubei Provinces of Chinain the last 14 days (at which point you should call NHS 111).


*Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Iran, Northern Italy, Japan, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar (Burma), Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam.



The Health Department’s view is that, even with confirmed corona virus, most people get better with enough rest, water to drink and medicine to alleviate pain/discomfort. The chances of being in contact with the virus remain low in the UK and this extends to educational settings. Other than ensuring good hygiene practices are in place, there are no current wider actions required of schools. 


Effective hygiene practices and facilities are already in place at Ashgate Primary School and in today’s celebrations assembly, children were reminded to wash their hands thoroughly regularly, before eating and after using the toilet, and to use tissues and cover their mouths if they have a cough.  This is no different to the advice normally given to children. We will keep reminding children of this expectation.


This information is accurate at the date of being published.  Should advice or guidance change for schools, I will update you.   


Parents can find more up to date advice on NHS.UK.


Mr Seargent