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Covid Absence recording

Covid Absences


Parents should be aware that the guidance on Covid absences has been changed for schools.


Absences for children confirmed to have a positive Covid 19 test outcome will now be recorded as a standard ‘illness’.  This will be recorded as an absence on their record as is the case with any other illnesses.  If you are awaiting a child’s test outcome following symptoms or a positive lateral flow test, you must inform the school immediately.


A reminder that school ‘bubbles’ are now obsolete and that schools are no longer to ‘track and trace’ contacts with those who have tested positive.  Therefore, unless the school is directed otherwise, class groups (bubbles or similar) will no longer be instructed to isolate and absences occurring as a result of parents ‘opting’ to isolate their child without a positive test outcome will not be authorised.


Children are no longer required to isolate in the case of a member of their household testing positive for Covid 19.  Children are required to attend in such circumstances, unless doing so requires the person testing positive to break isolation rules.  In such cases parents should seek alternative methods of securing their child’s attendance at school.


The aforementioned actions are the direction of the Department for Education and therefore legally binding; they are not at the discretion or interpretation of the school of its leaders.