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Covid isolations update 27th January 2022

City wide cases

As you may be aware, cases of Covid 19 across Derby City continue to be a concern for the Local Authority, and many schools are increasingly impacted by staff shortages and absent pupils.


School cases

As with all schools, we have not been unaffected.  Pupil cases, in particular those identified by LFD testing of children without symptoms, are leading to some pupil isolations.  I empathise with those families frustrated by the fact that their child has to isolate, despite appearing well.  Staff cases remain lower than may be anticipated, however, staff isolations have been implemented in a small number of cases.


As are other headteachers, I am working closely with the Local Authority and Public Health team to ensure that we are following guidance correctly and that they are aware of cases in the school.


Testing expectations:

These have been very publicly shared, but to be clear:

Although it is not a legal requirement,  parents  are asked to regulalry test their child at home using LFD testing kits.  Ideally twice per week.   LFD Ttst kits are available from pharmacies.


Identifying children with the virus early, even why they do  not show symptoms, will help prevent a long term impact across the school.  If your child later shows symptoms, you should arrange for a PCR test.


I have been told that testing kits are not as readily available as we are told or would wish, but primary schools are not provided with these for children, and therefore they must be sourced by yourselves.  This is beyond my power to control.


Isolations and work from home resources:

I repeat that multiple resources are available for home learning on the school website.  These can be accessed from any internet enabled device and there is no requirement for printing.


5 days of specific activities are available on the 'Class Pages' as well as additional activities to support home learning, including links to videos and online activities.


Remember, if your child is ill, you should complete only what is reasonably possible.  These resources are to support you and your child at a time when they are able to access them - this is for you to judge at home.