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Cycle to School Week (Active Travel)


Cycle to School / Active Travel Week is next week (27th Sept – 1st October).


Bike to School Week (Active Travel) is a week-long event across the UK to encourage families to cycle and scoot to school. It's a great way to celebrate the huge benefits an active school run brings. This year it takes place from 27 September to 1  October 2021 / next week.


All children are encouraged to travel to school via a means other than a car, for example to cycle, scoot, walk (even if this


is parking further from school and walking part way in), skip part way, pogo stick, or any means...other than car!


On the last day, we will again be joined by World Record Holder Leigh Timmis, who will be handing out awards to children in the school.


Friday 1st October – Children are asked to come to school with a Tour De France Theme. Yellow (winners’ jersey colours) Green (sprint winner jersey), Red Polka dot (King/Queen of the mountains jersey) or any other cycle themed dress-up.


Face painting in these themes is allowed.



Tour De France 1919 Challenge.

We will be running a Tour De France Distance Challenge throughout the week for children, visitors and staff.


In 1919 the longest Tour de France stage (a single day of 21 successive days) at 482km (300 mile) was included in the event. This is the longest stage of The Tour ever hosted.


We plan for the children to cumulatively match or better this distance over 4 days (afternoons) of cycle to school week.


Who will take part ?

All children will have the opportunity to take part in some form, wether by cycling an internal circuit on a bike they ride to school on, a bike provided by the school, or for non-cyclists to skip, run walk or other means add to the distance covered.


You will have a chance to join in too!

A ‘static bike’ will be set up in the reception area of school each day with a distance computer attached. Visitors will be encouraged to join in by spinning a few revelations on the bike whilst they are on site (tech allowing, this may also be taken to the playground on some days for parents to join in!). YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!


We look forward to you supporting this event in any way and ensuring that the one week stimulates increased active travel in general. The school will be working with Sustrans through the year to support this aim.