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Dr Robyn Dewis Director of Public Health - Letter to parents of Derby Children

Dear all,


We have made great progress with bringing down the number of coronavirus cases in the City, but as we begin to ease restrictions it is more important than ever that we follow the legal restrictions.


Although the vaccine programme is progressing at great pace we still have a majority of people under 50 who are vulnerable to infection. As we move around more, the virus will increase its spread.


Relaxations are due on Monday 29th March and, if the required conditions are met, Monday 12th April. From the 29th March we will be permitted to meet as a group of six people, or two households, outside and this will remain the same in April.


We will still not be permitted to meet socially indoors, and this includes children who are within a ‘bubble’ at school; it is important to remember that ‘bubbles’ are only in place in the school environment. This means that children are not permitted to meet in each other’s houses nor to have sleepovers.


We are making really good progress, but an increase in cases now will put at risk the dates at which further relaxations are permitted.


Thank you with your help in sticking to the rules and Doing the Right Thing for Derby.


Yours sincerely

Robyn Dewis

Dr Robyn Dewis Director of Public Health