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Entering the school building and late arrivals

I respectfully remind parents that the school has strict safeguarding requirements for who can enter the school building and how we record late arrivals.


An issue

Recently, parents bringing their children late to school have decided not to go to the school office to register their child and try to enter the school building to take them to class.  Presumedly to avoid a late mark?




To avoid a late mark against your child, it is best simply to not be late.


Parents have in the past grumbled at me and Mr Hill for ensuring the building is secured promptly.  This is the reason why we must secure the school site quickly and constantly - it is for your child's safety.


Legitimate reasons for systems - Your child's safety

1) The school must be secure at all times and 'ghosting' (the practice of entering the security secured doors by waiting for someone to exit or enter and then 'sneaking in') places children at risk.  You would not want strangers in the building when you child is present, so please respect that others will feel likewise.  Ghosting places children at risk of people entering the school who should not.


2) Fire protocols are in place to ensure that children are recorded on school site.  By taking your child to class and not the office there is a real risk of the register not being accurate.  In the event of a fire, your child could be in the building/toilets/ or out of site, yet the fire register would not show this.


I will be asked by the fire officer in charge 'is this building clear of children and adults' - I have to state yes or no based on the attendance records.  If your child is in a burning building and the register is not accurate because you bypassed the system, they could die.  A hard reality.  Having been a headteacher at a school where a real fire occurred, I can assure you, the burden of this judgment lays heavy - no one wants it to be wrong.


3)  Staff cannot be dealing with parents during registration times.  They are employed to be with the children at that time, and your presence, even with the best intentions, prevents them doing their job.


Please do not try to by pass the school systems.  They are there for a reason and that reason is your child's safety.


Mr Seargent