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Equality and Diversity in Families (Assembly)

In today's assembly, the theme was 'Equality and Diversity'.


Children were asked to consider what was meant by 'family', and in particular how some families are different to others in their make up, i.e. single parent families, gender diversity and the concept of families living in separate homes.


We always ensure that themes are explored sensitively and respectfully and the children of Ashgate Primary school always reciprocate this in their responses.  On occasions, they can be overtly linked to the RESPECT agenda, or key British Values, and on other occasions, wider discussions that reflect the positive ethos we support in the school.


Should your child discuss any of the themes we share in assembly and you would like support discussing them, please feel free to contact the school.


As a school, we are here to support the community as a whole, which means we are happy to support you.