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eVouchers for Free School Meals

The school submitted all the information regarding eVouchers once the centralised DfE system became available last week.  The system is not ours, and we are aware that many schools are frustrated with the time it is taking to get these to you.  We have done all that was asked as soon as it was asked of us.


What happens next:

Email Address had been provided when we called:

If you gave an email address for your eVoucher delivery, you should check your mail.  The vouchers will be sent directly to you by DfE and should be imminent.  I have been asked if these can be shown electronically (by phone as an example); we do not know the answer to this, but I suspect this will be the case. In a world where e-payments are a preference, this would make sense.


Request for schools to print

For those without printers who stipulated so when we called you, we will print out the eVouchers in batches for you so as to reduce trips needed to school to collect.  These are yet to be sent to us (we check daily).  As soon as they arrive we will inform you will be able to collect.


I very much appreciate the the eVouchers are the preferred system for you, indeed, it is ours also.  However, as this has not been done before and the systems put in place outside of the school are new, it is clearly taking some time.  Sadly, we cannot speed the process up on your behalf, but these should be arriving very soon!