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Farewell to Fred

It is with sadness that I inform you that during the summer holidays, Fred, one of our two therapy dogs, passed.


Whilst this is sad news, I am pleased to tell you that he was in no pain and there was no suffering at all.  Simply put, Fred was very old (98 if we calculate doggy years!) and he lived a very happy, active and fulfilling life.  His last day was spent on the beach, walking in the sunshine and sniffing out discarded chips; what a way for a dog to spend a last day!  He fell asleep, snoring as usual, in the company of family and then his time ended.


At the same time that it is sad that Fred is no longer with us, it is comforting to know that he had the fortune of having hundreds of children who knew and loved him.   Whilst my home now feels empty, I know he brought great joy, pleasure and comfort to many (in this school and others), and as a result was the most happy and contented dog I have ever owned.  Be assured that your love and affection for him contributed to that happiness.


I am sure many of us will have a fond memory of Fred; maybe him asleep at the foot my desk, sat on the playground being fussed by a line of children with smiling faces, or maybe him encouraging someone into school with a happy trot and a wagging tail.  All of these memories are part of what he offered to you and he would be pleased to know you have comfort in them.