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Fruit only snacks - a positive drive.

Dear parents


As you are aware the school now provides, free of charge, a morning fruit snack for all children at the school (this was previously only for Early Years and Key Stage 1).  We no longer sell cereal bars, biscuits or similar and this reflects our Healthy School Status.  A fruit only snack option is an appropriate and positive drive to ensure children receive an energy boost that is nutritious and healthy.


If you decide that your child does not wish to have the fruit provided by school, you are free to provide an alternative fruit / vegetable (such as carrot sticks) choice.  Fruit is the only snack permitted unless there is a medically evidenced reason otherwise.  Requests for a child to eat other types of snacks through preference will as a general rule not be accepted.


You are reminded that children need not bring in any money for snacks, which I know will be appreciated at times when household budgets are stretched.