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Good News! External confirmation of the school's strengthening position

Good news. External verification of good planning and outcomes.


Over the last 2 years, we have been working extensively to drive improvements across the school.  This has been a complex and dynamic process that has been scrutinised, not only by governors, but also externally. I wish to share some of the findings of the external scrutiny.


Key Stage 1 SATS Moderation

This year, our school was selected to have its 2017 Key Stage 1 SAT outcomes and evidence moderated by the Local Authority.  This process is designed to scrutinise the school's assessment process.  In effect, analysing the outcomes and confirming they are accurate.


The school adopted a 'show it, evidence it, confirm it' approach to the process, which resulted in a confirmation that the outcomes were indeed accurate.


This is a big step for the school, as external ratification that we are accurate in our assessments is key to evidencing that we meet the needs of the pupils.  Importantly, it confirms that the improved outcomes (to be released soon!) are correct and a reflection of the hard work of staff and pupils.  Good news indeed!


Regional School Commissioner seal of approval!

SAT outcomes in 2016 resulted in the school classification of 'coasting'.  Whilst there had been improvements in progress, reading and wider attainment was identified as not yet meeting the national expectation.  This resulted in a review of the development planning and data across the school by the Regional Schools Commissioner who responded in writing to confirm that:


 '[she was] satisfied that [we] have an appropriate plan in place to meet the challenges - and the capacity to deliver the improvements in a timely manner'.


In essence, this recognises that the school's plans for improvement and the steps and progress we have made are good and that the commissioner anticipates (as do we) that the improvements will be sustained.


With a successful moderation outcome for Key Stage 1 after this announcement had been made confirming raised standards, the Regional School Commissioner seal of approval further underpins the good work.