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How to receive your eVoucher for Free School Meals : ACTION REQUIRED

Dear parents of children with entitlement to Free School Meals:


Who is entitled to a Free School Meal / FSM Voucher?


Only those children currently in receipt of a Free School Meal.  There is no entitlement for those families receiving a meal through the Infant Universal Free School Meal system.  As you will see below, we will contact you if you have an entitlement.



Who runs the system?


The Department for Education (DfE) have now set up a centralised system by which families can receive an eCode/voucher for Free School Meals, redeemable at one of the authorised outlets.  This is the government’s system, agreed by them and established using their protocols; therefore, the school cannot amend or adjust the system should it not suit your needs.  


How does it work?


The DfE system enables you to receive an ‘eCode’ by email (a 16-digit number with a value attached). You can then go online to redeem the eCode against a choice of eGift cards/vouchers (a digital gift card delivered via email) which currently includes the following food retailers:













M&S food


You are then able to print the voucher out and redeem in store

Supplying an email address and redeeming the voucher at home is the quickest and safest method by which you can receive your voucher.


If you are entitled to a meal but do not wish to receive a voucher, school pack up meals can still be collected daily between 12 and 1pm.


I do not have an email and/or printer.  Can I still get a voucher?

If you do not have an email address or printer, we will select a voucher card on your behalf and have this printed out for collection at school. You will then need collect the voucher when directed to do so.  Alternatively, you can opt to still receive a pack up meal from the school.


Action required:  YOU MUST RESPOND:


Those entitled to Free School Meals will be contacted by the school before the end of Monday on the telephone number you have supplied on record.


You will be asked for your preference:


  1. Continuation of access to Free School Meal as a packed lunch collected from school
  2. Use of an email address where you want the eCode to be sent so you can redeem it
  3. Statement that you have no email or printer and a wish to collect a voucher from school when directed to do so*


*You will also be asked to state a preference of the store you wish to redeem your voucher at.  Remember, this option requires you to collect the voucher from school at a given time.


Once the school has received a preference, we will then put the system in place.  Please understand that we have in excess of 100 applications to process and this will take some time.  Please do not contact us to ask when you will receive your email voucher.  Doing so will only interrupt the process speed and delay the receipt of your entitlement.


We aim to have the system in place and to have your eCodes sent early next week.


Note:  If you do not respond to attempts to contact you, we will assume that your preference is to not receive an eCode/voucher.