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Important information about Covid rules

Please read this carefully and with consideration.


Too many parents are flouting clear rules and putting others at risk.  I cannot articulate enough my frustration at this.  Although the actions are from a minority, a minority is too many. 


In particular I refer to:


  • Continuing to send children to school with symptoms (including coughs)
  • Avoiding wearing facemasks
  • Not social distancing
  • Arranging events out of schools that breach lockdown rules


Staff cannot make decisions for you regarding your child’s symptoms – this is the parent’s responsibility.  Do not send them to school if you suspect symptoms; it can be no clearer


It is inevitable that if this continues, bubbles will close at school and this will impact on many, including those relying on children attending school in order to work.  It will be necessary to instigate further deep cleans (as was the case last time parents breached the guidance) in an attempt to undo the damage; but ultimately the health, wellbeing and lives of others are being placed at risk by those who believe themselves exempt from the guidance.


The rules apply to all.  I want children and staff in school but the actions of some are placing this in jeopardy.


  • If your child has symptoms – get them tested
  • Report the outcome to us
  • Wear a face covering on school site
  • Keep socially distant
  • Follow the national guidelines


If it’s a cough – keep them off – get a test


If you feel you need to re familiarise yourself with guidance, the most recent links are available on the school website under the Covid Info link.


Thank you to those who are considerate of others and have been diligent in their actions.