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Important information regarding school drop off and collection

Very important information for parents of children in Year 5 and 6


This morning there were 13 Year 5/6 children dropped off at school/arrived at school in breach of the arrangements.  Some Year 5/6 children were found on school site, unsupervised, as early as 0815 (30 minutes before their start time).  I also witnessed some parents as early as 0820 actively sending their children onto an unsupervised rear playground and leaving them.


Not adhering to the guidance given places people at risk and increases the chances of the school being locked down again.


Having chatted to some very helpful and supportive parents this morning (thank you as your feedback on interpretation was very helpful for me and well received), I wish to clarify some key points that may not be clear.



  1. Parents are not to leave / allow unsupervised arrival of children in Years 5/6 until a staff member is located at the entrance to the rear playground (between the green shed gates and the dining hall).  This will be no earlier than 0835 and you should not enter the playground earlier the this time. 
  2. If you have arrived earlier to drop off a child in EYFS or Year 1/2 you must remain socially distant on the main, front playground until a staff member arrives as described above.
  3. Once your child has been left with a supervising staff member, you must leave the school grounds immediately.  Parents are not permitted on the rear playground in the morning (see below for adjustments to collection at end of the day).
  4. Access is via the gates defined in the school guidance.  (I am looking to remove this directive if parents are able to manage gate entrances without creating congestion.  I will keep you updated.
  5. If pupils arrive after 0845 access to school will then need to be arranged at an alternative time and this may not be immediate.


Whilst I appreciate that this is inconvenient for some parents who need to get to work or drop off children at other locations, these arrangements are not flexible.  We are doing all possible to meet people's needs, however, you must understand that the nature of the circumstance and building mean that there are few measures that will suit all.


As Headteacher I am responsible for ensuring the Gov UK guidance is adhered to and that the measures put in place negate or reduce risk of cross contamination as much as possible.


Should parents be unwilling to follow the measures, then I will have no option but to introduce additional start and finish times as well as closure of the school site to parents, which would be very inconvenient for a majority of families.  More importantly, not following the guidance increases the likelihood of a lockdown of the school and individuals becoming seriously ill.


Reasonable adjustment following feedback

Parents and staff report that at the end of the school day it can be difficult to release Year 5/6 children to parents as they cannot be seen.

In order to resolve this, parents will be allowed to stand (socially distanced) on the rear playground to collect their child at the end of the school day.  When navigating the gap between buildings, you must stay left following the arrow markers on the playground floor.

Please do not bunch up and congregate.  Stay socially distant to reduce the risk of infection AND to allow staff to see parents so that they can release children to them.


Thank you for your ongoing support.


Mr Seargent