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Important notice - Masks and punctuality



Many thanks to those who continue supporting the safety of the school by adhering to the guidance shared.  Guidance was published and remains on the school website under ‘about us / Covid 19’.


Whilst I do understand that for some steps put in place are an inconvenience, they are a requirement to keep children and adults safe on school site.


Parents have been keen to highlight the contradictions between what is expected in schools and what happens in reality across the wider community.  I can only emphasise that I am not responsible or accountable for the actions of those beyond my gates. Irrespective, this does not alter the guidance given to schools.



Some confirmation and reminders:


THE BIGGEST RISK TO THE SCHOOL SYSTEMS AT THE MOMENT IS THAT OF PARENTS NOT BRINGING THEIR CHILD TO SCHOOL ON TIME – resulting in the need to access to school buildings and increased staff movement from bubble to bubble to address this.  Second to that is that some parents are attempting to enter school reception without a mask, a problem that is too often a result of said late arrivals.



Punctuality – If your child is late to school, you will have to wait until a staff member can accept them at the main reception.  There is a ‘one in one out’ system which is strictly followed.  Staff are not in a position to man the school office, phones and first aid and then leave their post to collect children on your behalf.  Arriving late is an inconvenience for staff and you alike – please be punctual.  If you are late, as I have stated from the start, you will have to wait.




Ensure all visitors wear masks when entering reception.  NO MASK – NO ENTRY.  This is for the safety of all.


Whilst I understand that this polarises the views of parents, the policy has been made clear repeatedly.  Ultimately, the issue will only arise if you are not punctual or do not book an appointment to visit the school for another reason.