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INSET Days and programme - 2016/17

INSET Days 2016/17 – Advanced Notice


INSET days (In Service Training Days) are a government requirement for all schools and are used to provide training and development for staff that supports school improvement.  Staff attend the days (or allocated hours when training is provided over the evenings) in order to meet the school’s development needs, however children are not on school site during INSET days.



Common practice is to provide at least 6 weeks notice of INSET, but as a parent myself, I understand how frustrating it can be when little notice is given.


Therefore, I have arranged the INSET days for all 2016/17 well in advance, giving parents the entire year’s allocation. I also include an outline plan of what is currently anticipated as the development areas, so that parents can see how the time is used to support children.


INSET days are planned as follows:


September 7th (Wednesday)


  • Safeguarding Policies and protocols
  • Behaviour Policy and the ‘RESPECT Agenda’ Rewards changes
  • Curriculum/Assessment and outcomes management
  • Change in school reading scheme – training for staff
  • Learning environments practice and expectations


January 4th (Wednesday) 2016

  • Training for staff on curriculum and learning management of pupils with English as an Additional Language (EAL) and direct entrants from overseas.


May 2nd (Tuesday)

  • Pupil Assessment and transition reviews and actions
  • Review of curriculum/assessment changes and the impact on progress


July 3rd and 4th (Monday and Tuesday)

Pupil transition / information sharing and benchmarking


It is not anticipated that any of these dates will change, however if there are any changes due to unforeseen circumstances you will be informed as soon as possible.