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Key Worker Group Access - Important update


This information is not for parents of children attending their classes in Reception, Year 1 and 6 as of June 1st.  Arrangements for these groups remain the same.


Key worker access changes

Those parents whose children currently access school as a 'Key Worker' have until now been given access to this as an 'adhoc' service with a drop off and collection suiting their work needs.


Owing to wider school opening and the increased numbers of children accessing the school site at staggered times, an adjustment to this must be made.  This is done to keep children and the wider community at less risk of cross contamination.


ACCESS - Change of timings as of Monday 22nd June.


Access the school for Key Worker children will be at 8:15am and collection at 3:30pm only.  There can be no 'in day drop off or collection'.


Entrance and exit will be via the path leading to the playground from the main school entrance (past the chicken coup).  They will be met by staff on the playground when the gate is open.  Collection will be at the same point.


Parents are reminded to honour the social distance markers in place.


In order to maintain social distancing drop off and collection must be prompt and punctual.  Should you not arrive or collect on time (as the expectation would be were the school be open fully) you may be denied entry on the grounds that your actions are reducing the effectiveness of measures put in place to prevent cross contamination.