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Mobile phones and other transmitting devices

Mobile phones and other transmitting/recording devices


We are very fortunate that access to mobile devices is not a regular problem at Ashgate Primary School.  Most parents are aware of and adhere to previously shared directives and understand school safeguarding protocols put in place to keep children safe and happy.  


It may however be an appropriate time to provide a gentle reminder regarding these expectations.


Simply put, mobile phones or any other devices that transmit, receive or store information are not allowed at school*


Any pupil found to have such a device will have it confiscated immediately and it will only be returned to the nominated parent or carer. 


Whilst I recognise that some may find security in the knowledge that their child has a phone with them, such devices cause a safeguarding risk if accessed at school, act as a distraction and create complex challenges when lost or damaged. 


There is no need for pupils to contact others on school site and if it is necessary to contact you, this will be done via the school office.  All Internet and information needs are met through the school’s resources and as such are monitored and filtered.


*Extenuating circumstances

There may be rare occasions when a child’s parent may want their child to access a phone before or after school. For example:

  • visiting friends or other family members for the evening
  • attending a non school sports club directly after school
  • an older pupil walking to school and home alone 


the device must be turned off once on school site and handed into the class teacher during registration.  The staff member will then store this for collection at the end of the school day.



The school does not accept responsibility for loss or damage, under any circumstances, for mobile phones or similar that are brought into school – this includes devices stored by staff during the school day.

I thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Mr Seargent