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Mobile Phones in School

Mobile phones and other transmitting devices in school

Dear Parents / Carers


There has been a recent surge of pupils bringing mobile devices, such as phones and similar, in school and this is becoming increasingly problematic.


I wish to make it explicitly clear that, mobile phones or any other device that transmits or receives information are not permitted in school.


As on Monday 6th February:

Any pupil found to have such a device will have it confiscated immediately and it will only be returned to the nominated parent or carer. The school will not take responsibility for any loss or damage caused to items confiscated.


Whilst I recognise that some may find security in the knowledge that their child has a phone with them, such devices cause a safeguarding risk, act as a distraction and create complex challenges when lost or damaged. There is no need for pupils to contact others on school site and if it is necessary to contact you, this will be done via the school office. All Internet and information needs are met through the schools resources and as such are monitored and filtered.


If you feel that there is a ‘significant and extenuating circumstance’ that will result in the need for your child to bring a mobile device to school, you must submit this request in writing to myself. Submitting a written request is not an authorisation for your child to bring their phone to school, but all requests will be considered.


I thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Mr Seargent