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National Tutoring Programme and Bounce Back activities post Covid



Covid Bounce Back and the National Tutoring Programme


You may be aware that the government announced £1 billion of funding to support children and young people in schools following the disruption caused by COVID-19.


Ashgate Primary School will be using this funding to (but not exclusively) provide


  • Additional small group tuition (NTP*) mathematics and English
  • Class and group mental health and wellbeing sessions with outside agencies
  • Increased levels of day to day pastoral provision and access to named support staff
  • A wider range and frequency of after school clubs and lunch time activities for all year groups


National Tutoring Programme

All schools have been allocated funding to subsidise tutors to come into school during the day and deliver sessions to support children with their learning. The National Tutoring Programme (NTP), a key partner in this initiative, has enabled schools to identify tutors in the local area that we feel would be effective in delivering tuition to our pupils.  In addition to this, we will also be embarking upon our own additional support/intervention sessions as the terms progress.


The intention is to support as many children as possible who need it through what we will refer to as our ‘Bounce Back’ strategies. 


As you might expect, there are some criteria, as outlined by the Department for Education (DfE), that need to be met in order for a child to be selected for additional NTP tutoring sessions.  We would love for every child to receive these tuition support at but unfortunately this is not possible, we will however support all children to return and succeed in their education through the high quality teacher interaction my staff provide, which will continue to be differentiated according to need.


Likewise, if you are advised that your child is having additional support via a tutor, do not worry!  This does not mean your child is necessarily struggling at school, it more accurately means that we think they will make even greater progress with a little targeted intervention.


As a school, we are really looking forward to participating in the NTP and other bounce back initiatives; most importantly, we hope to see really positive outcomes for the children involved.


Best wishes,


Mr Seargent