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New Remote Learning Platform - Goes live on Monday!

Remote Learning Improvements: Ready to go live on Monday 12th October!


Great news!


I am delighted to announce that we now have a ‘remote learning’ facility for children to access in the event of individual or localised/national lockdown of pupils in school. Unless called on earlier, this will become live for pupils as of Monday 12 2020.  


This has been created following feedback on the lockdown access and moves from school website ‘one way’ learning to a more effective system that provides response and sharing opportunities


Our main key foci have been:


  • Securing anonymous login for safeguarding
  • Ensuring there is an opportunity for feedback and response (teacher – home - teacher)
  • Face to face communication opportunities
  • Providing a platform that contains tools for learning.


On Monday:

All children will be given a ‘Parent Guidance to Remote Learning’ booklet on Monday.  This will talk you through how the system will work, how you can log on and how children can access learning (including face to face contact).






On page 1 of the guidance there is a ‘username’.  Do not lose this.  There is a generic password to be used to access the system.  YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO CHANGE THIS IN ORDER TO ACCESS THE PLATFORM.


Make a note of your username and password – I would suggest writing it on your guidance booklet and keeping that safe.


Technical issues and access

It is likely that some families may have initial difficulties owing to system requirements and access to devices in the home. I am sure that you will appreciate that I am already seeking to address this and remind those who have not yet done so to return the home devices audit sent out last week. 



Login in task:

Each child will have a fun login task to complete, sent in the email facility by the teacher.  They are to respond back to the teacher and will receive a small reward if they do.  This is an important step as it will allow us to ascertain the level of access and identify those who may require technical support.  PLEASE COMPLETE THE TASK so that we can in turn help you.