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Online Learning / Blended Learning Contingency Planning

Dear Parents and carers


Contingency planning for online learning /blended learning


As you will have seen, the government have made some significant changes to the Covid 19 requirements following the spread of the Omnicom variant.


Impact on schools

The government to date has made clear that they are not planning to close schools; however, some schools are being forced to do so with the support of / direction of Public Health England when and where it is deemed necessary.  In most cases this has been a result of significant numbers of staff positive cases, the lack of availability of supply / agency staff to cover absent staff or large groups of children (classes and year groups) testing positive.


Online learning / blended learning

Schools are being advised to ensure that they are ready to manage potential partial closures as of January 2022.  This is a precautionary measure and one that is practical and reasonable in current circumstances.  I reiterate that the government are not planning to close schools; however, if current trends continue it is likely that most will be required in some way to provide learning for those in isolation or for whom school is closed to.


Is there a plan?

Yes!  We are in a position of strength as we do have systems in place to ensure that a switch to partial online learning can be undertaken quickly and efficiently if required.  Feedback from parents during previous lockdowns made clear that the work of staff to support pupils was very effective and we wish to build on this if needed.   


With this in mind, before the children break up, parents will be re issued a new Office 365 username and password to log in to the remote learning system.



When your new username/password is given to you and when guidance is issued:

  • Do not lose your username
  • When you login you will be prompted to create a new password – WRITE IT DOWN CAREFULLY and keep it somewhere safe
  • Read ALL the guidance issued carefully and do not lose it
  • If you were previously entitled to a DfE laptop/device, you will be re issued one if online/blended learning is required (details of when and how will be given if required)


Remember: Online learning and Office 365 access is provided solely for educational purposes.  Pupils found to be using the system for personal communication may have access removed – this must be made clear to your child regularly if they are working from home.