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Parent Conduct

It has been brought to my attention that a minority of parents are breaching the expectations for conduct in and around school.  


Adults are role models for children and should act in a manner that is of the highest standard and that includes parents.


Parents rightly expect my staff to model acceptable conduct and this is no less so for our expectations of parents.


Worryingly, an increasing amount of my time and that of my staff is spent mediating issues between parents whose actions and personal conflicts are impacting on their own children's life in school.  Brutally put, some adults need look carefully at their own conduct and how this influences that of their children.


The school has a clear policy for expectations for  parents on site that outlines my option to ban anyone from the school premises (removing permissive right of access under the Education Act 1996) if I believe their conduct is not acceptable.  This has been enacted in the past and I will do so again if necessary.  That document will be shared directly again today and is on the school website under the Key Information >documents and policies.


Important note:  Issues between parents are not a legitimate reason to take children off school site early, arrive late or alter arrangements in other ways.  Parents are expected to manage their issues out of school and not allow these to impact on school life, placing the interests children first and not focussing on their own grievances and external matters.