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Parent voice (questionnaire outcomes)

I am pleased to announce that he parent voice (questionnaire outcomes) have been received and analysed and are available now on the 'About Us' pages on the school website.


  • In total 92 families responded, thus enabling the school leaders to establish what can be deemed as a reasonably secure understanding of the views of parents. 
  • Of the 10 questions posed, none of those responding ‘skipped’ a response.
  • The questionnaire was open for a total of 3 weeks
  • The questionnaire was closed to multiple responses
  • Outcomes were collated by an independent third party


How is the data from the questionnaires used?

The information from the data is used to identify areas for improvement and or secure practices that work well.  Outcomes are shared at all levels from support staff, teachers, senior leaders and governors.  As the finding sheet evidences, we share the information publicly so that the local community and all stakeholders can have an insight into the performance of the school.


Once analysed, patterns and trends can be used to refine / instigate adjustments to the way we work and what practices we employ.  It is common for these to be used as part of the school formal Self Evaluation as well as School Development Planning documents.