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Polling Day - School Closure May 3rd

School Closure Notice for Local Elections /Polling

Ashgate Primary School has been informed that it has been selected as the location of the Ward Polling Station for the listed polling day.

The returning officer had been requested to locate a different venue this year; however, no other council building or private venue suitable was secured by Derby City Council. The use of the school as a venue in the future is to be reviewed again but for now, as the school is a public building and will be open to the public on this day, it will be closed to pupils.

The school will be closed to pupils on the following day:


  • Thursday May 3rd 2018

The closure will be used by staff for training and planning purposes, in the manner normally associated with In Service Training (INSET). The focus will on White Rose Mathematics planning and reviews; staff will be in attendance as the school site.

As a school, we recognise that these closures are inconvenient to many families; however, I reiterate that schools do not have the power to prevent the building being used for this purpose.


Yours sincerely


Peter Seargent