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Priority Critical Worker selection

For transparency, I am publishing the priority list for acceptance in school for critical key workers.  The key objective is to reduce the risk of infection by decreasing school numbers to only those where no alternative safe provision is required.  Staffing levels are already significantly reduced at the school and I need to protect the workforce as much as possible in order to keep critical workers in their roles.


The government definitions are vague and many roles could arguably be included in these categories.  An assessment will be undertaken as to what is defined as key workers 'critical to response to Covid 19'.


An example of which could be the category of: 'food production':


Dairy farmer:                 Critical to response to Covid 19 ?   - YES

Sweet manufacturer:     Critical to response to Covid 19 ?    - NO


These decision are not easy, as there is no definition that includes every job in the UK.  A reasonable and justified assessment will be required.  Access to school will be at the discretion of the headteacher 


Note: Department for Health guidance states that children should not attend school unless there is no safe alternative.  Even those in critical roles are advised to keep their child home where possible.   Only where both parents are 'critical key workers' and/or vulnerable (Child Protection / Child In Need / Looked After Child [in care], Educational Health Care Plan) will a place be offered.  This is in line with Derby City Council guidance issued Friday 20th March 2020.

   Vulnerable child / EHCP (either parent)

  • Child is subject to a protection plan / In need status
  • Child is a DfE stated Looked After Child (in care)
  • Child has an Educational Health Care Plan in place


    NHS / Emergency (both /lone parent)

  • Police services
  • Fire and rescue
  • Military personnel allocated to civil protection


    Other critical worker (both / lone   parent)

  • Health (non NHS)
  • Education / child care / social services
  • Critical utility workers (power/Infrastructure IT/Postal
  • Food /essential goods distribution
  • Public transport
  • Food production (critical foods/farming)
  • Financial services
  • Other non specific (req confirmation)